About US

We are a group of professionals who have been brought together by our passion for developing successful business solutions and making a lasting impact in our areas of expertise. We have more than 70 years deep combined experience in driving business growth spanning a broad range of expertise.

Plan & Build

We listen to you and use our combined expertise to develop a plan based on our business and your needs that will unlock the power of your  growth.


We provide free and paid resources to support your
business growth needs.

meet the team

We started WB Diverse Solutions because we want to use our business acumen and international experience to make a difference for our clients and see sustained and successful economic growth.

Doug Hey

Marketing Expert


As a seasoned strategic marketer, I have led the growth of numerous brands across Africa. My knowledge, passion and business insight have allowed me to successfully commercialise these brands to launch and scale throughout the continent. My strategic ability allows me to identify opportunity pools and my business judgement facilitates building sound long term plans that leverage these growth opportunities.

I am able to translate my comprehensive marketing approach and expertise for clients’ to address specific needs and to uncover untapped business potential.

Rashied Bardien

Co-founder & Co-Owner

CA(SA), M.Inst.D

A Chartered Accountant and seasoned finance professional with more than 17 years in corporate finance and management with a multinational organisation and 10 years’ experience at a Big 4 auditing firm. Deep finance, audit, and tax expertise with accumulated experience in diverse leadership and commercial roles. Gained unparalleled access, commercial insights, and invaluable exposure to the beverage industry and FMCG space. Key contributor to high profile sub-Saharan bottling mergers and acquisitions, as well as participation in complex forensic audits, taxation risk mitigation and local and international statutory reporting requirements. Collaborated at senior levels across customer, commercial and franchise functions and bottling partners on the development and implementation of pricing strategies, revenue-based models, new and innovative products and competitor intelligence.

Focused efforts on business needs and ensure clients understand how financial elements work together to support success, decision making and drive business growth.


Co-founder & Co-Owner

B.SocSci.(Hons), M.Inst.D

Tireless champion for doing business better – I am a firm believer in doing the right things the right way for long term business success. I spent more than 20 years in a global corporate working in the “left of centre” sides of the business, where my passionate and energetic advocacy for my business supported by deep commercial acumen drove significant long-term impact in those roles. I know how hard building and scaling a business can be – how many roadblocks you have to power through, how many unique challenges you face in growing your business the right way, and how exhausting it can be. I know how to build Purpose & Strategy and how to rally a diverse team to that inspirational goal; I know how to ensure enrolment at all levels of teams and organisations to drive productivity and impact. I know how to distil key facts and insights from seemingly endless reams of data and how to translate those into action. I have developed businesses in South Africa and globally, and have worked with numerous business models and across many cross functional disciplines. And most importantly, I am a perpetual student of effective leadership and can translate that to empower the teams I work with across the organisational structure. I am excited to work with you as a partner on your growth journey to long-term success that surpasses your dreams.

Our services

Our services span 3 categories:

Company Strategy
Commercial Development and Execution

We provide tailored solutions to our clients’ specific needs and can work on any 1 or a combination of the following interventions:

  • Long-term strategic projects.
  • Problem specific solutions.
  • Retainer based resourcing.

Our business experience and acumen supported by a warm network of subject matter experts in niche categories means that we can provide relevant and real solutions to drive your businesses growth. Our tailored approach means that we can provide professional services for your business and your budget.

Visit out Solutions page to see more details on our model and approach.



Passionately helping business owners grow their future.


Provide medium sized businesses with tailored solutions that unlock growth for a successful future.


Enabling sustainable growth for medium sized businesses.


We have robust business development expertise that spans industries in South Africa and globally with a focus on small and medium sized enterprises.

Industries We Serve:





Company Strategy

Business Planning

Business Development & Growth

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Planning


Our years of experience in Business Management, Business Development, Global Brand Management & Commercial Finance enables this team to create real solutions for clients that drive tangible & sustainable results.


What unifies our clients:

They are all passionate business owners & employers.

They want to grow their businesses into the future.

They know their businesses can do more.