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Using +70 years’ experience, we connect business owners in FMCG & related industries to high impact, tailored growth solutions.

Achieve Sustainable & Real Growth

With more than 70 years combined expertise in growing businesses and brands, we have the passion and the knowledge to help businesses unlock growth using tailored solutions. Our approach is client centered, focused on delivering what you need for your business to reach its full, long-term potential with practical experience based solutions to complex problems.
On this professional services website, we have organised our content into a reading guide and resource guide to show you how to drive growth for your business. You can read these on the Resources page.

Deliver breakthrough growth for your business with our Signature Services

With significant scope covering your critical business needs in totality or in a combination of elements, we give you total control of a tailored process to deliver growth solutions for your business.

Our 5 step opportunity identification approach puts our clients at the centre of our solution and our interventions cover key aspects that unlock value: long term strategies projects, specific problem solutions and retainer resourcing solutions.

Costs and intervention frameworks are based on business requirements and budgets to ensure you get maximum value from your investment with our advisory and professional services.

who are we?

Our professional services are aimed at helping owners unlock sustainable growth using our opportunity identification process.

Years experience connecting businesses and brands to growth

International markets

Brands launched across Africa

Integral part of merger integration team to create the largest bottler in Africa

Doug Hey

Marketing Expert


I am able to translate my comprehensive marketing approach and expertise for clients’ to address specific needs and to uncover untapped business potential.

Rashied Bardien

Co-founder &

CA(SA), M.Inst.D

Focused efforts on business needs and ensure clients understand how financial elements work together to support success, decision making and drive business growth.

Sally Wade

Co-founder &

B.SocSci.(Hons), M.Inst.D

As a business consultant I can leverage the breadth and depth of my busines acumen to work with clients to improve business growth.

“As Head of Commercial Finance, Rashied managed a team of financial analysts who performed business critical activities, providing invaluable input to senior managers on material business decisions. These included product pricing initiatives, promotional structures with key customers and bottling partners, and valuations of acquired businesses and brands. He is able to bring clarity to unstructured business issues, while quantifying the impact of various options. Rashied was dependable in providing quality recommendations to business leadership. He also partnered effectively with other functions in creating economic value for our business. He was successful in this role.

 Eric Thompson
International CFO | Economic Value Creator | Strategist | Change Leader | Board

“Sally is one of those people who has intentionally worked to build a range of
experiences and skills, as is evident from the roles she has held at The Coca-Cola Company. She has, in each instance, been very successful in each role and has developed strong relationships with key stakeholders and partners along the way, all of whom speak very highly of her. She has a very strong action orientation, a keen learning spirit and a strong strategic ability to quickly assess a situation or opportunity and advance a plan to leverage said opportunity. She is a strong team player and leader, and her warmth attracts people, she has a wonderful way of enrolling people to a common agenda. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sally and would strongly recommend her.”

 Cath Coetzer
Global Vice President | Marketing & Public Affairs | Communication | Sustainability Services at Coca-Cola

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